1. A simple structure is characterized by (Points : 5)



1. A simple structure is characterized by (Points : 5)

2. Complete the following sentence: “Virtual organizations __________ whereas modular organizations __________.” (Points : 5)

3. The phrase that best defines a virtual organization is (Points : 5)

4. Effective ambidextrous organizations have alignment, which means that (Points : 5)

5. Important advantages of a holding company structure include (Points : 5)

6. An organization such as ConAgra that has dozens of different divisions with similar products will probably have the greatest success with which form of organization structure? (Points : 5)

7. What is the name of the practice that many modular organizations use to grow? (Points : 5)

8. Which of the following statements would least likely be found in a corporate credo? (Points : 5)

9. Leaders play a key role in developing and sustaining an organization’s (Points : 5)

10. The “bottom-up” perspective of empowerment (Points : 5)

11. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a successful learning organization? (Points : 5)

12. Coercive power is (Points : 5)

13. Refusal to share information, conflicts over resources, conflicts between departments and divisions, and petty interpersonal differences are symptoms of which type of barrier to change? (Points : 5)

14. Expert power (Points : 5)

15. Strategic reasons for undertaking a corporate venture include which of the following? (Points : 5)

16. Product champions (Points : 5)

17. The innovation dilemma known as seeds versus weeds refers to (Points : 5)

18. __________ produce fundamental changes that can transform a company or even revolutionize an industry, while __________ enhance existing practices and often represent evolutionary applications of fundamental breakthroughs. (Points : 5)

19. Which kind of risk taking requires that a company borrow heavily or commit a large portion of its resources in order to grow? (Points : 5)

20. Real options analysis is most appropriate when (Points : 5)

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