Fasha Nista owes $2,000 on her Fabulous Fashions store card

1. Fasha Nista owes $2,000 on her Fabulous Fashions store card. The store charges 23% annual interest and requires a minimum monthly payment of $18.75. 

 A- If Fasha pays the minimum payment each month and no additional purchases are made, how long will it be until she pays off her store card? (Do not interpolate the tables; use the nearest figure given.)

2.  Sheez Nuts, Inc. determined that their cocktail nut mix should have the following minimum requirements in the 1 lb. can they sell for $3.99.

 At least 10% almonds. Almonds cost $2.50 a pound.

 A maximum of 50% peanuts at $1.40 a pound.

 At least 20% walnuts at $2.25 a pound,

A maximum of 40% cashews at $2.00 a pound.

The can costs $0.10

a)   Find the proportion of these nuts by weight to maximize profit.

b)   What is their profit per can?

Here’s the SOLUTION

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