Tammy Williams operates a UPS Store.

Bank reconciliation and Journal entry

Tammy Williams operates a UPS Store. She has just received the monthly bank statement at May 31, 2017, from Scotiabank, and the statement shows an ending balance of $595. Listed on the statement are an electronic funds transfer (EFT) customer collection of $300, a service charge of $12, two NSF cheques totalling $120, and a $9 charge for printed cheques. In reviewing her cash records, Williams identifies outstanding cheques totalling $603 and a May 31 deposit in transit of $1,788. During May, she recorded a $290 cheque for the salary of a part-time employee as $29. William’s Cash account shows a May 31 cash balance of $1,882.


a) need bank reconciliation that will show how much cash William’s store actually has at May 31.

b) Prepare the journal entries that Williams needs to record on May 31 to update her Cash account.

Here’s the SOLUTION

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