BUS 1130 Week 4 Branding and Influence Analysis

 BUS 1130 Week 4 Branding and Influence Analysis

1. Reflecting back on branding errors in the global arena, and the wide use of social media, discuss best practices and avoiding pitfalls when using these technological tools. Choose a product to discuss, and pinpoint cultural errors that must be avoided in particular countries.

2. Write a short paper comparing and contrasting elements of the Four P’s of global marketing as it relates to any two of the following companies:

• Coca Cola
• Starbucks
• McDonalds
• Toyota

In your comparison, use the template below to create a chart to identify the different approaches that the two companies you selected employed, in applying the Four Ps both domestically and internationally.  As part of your conclusion, address the strategic implications for these companies of applying different approaches to executing the Four Ps in an international context.

Here’s the SOLUTION

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