Klutz won a contest sponsored by radio station

Klutz won a contest sponsored by radio station, entitling him to play in a twilight golf tournament. He went to the radio station and signed a form releasing the station from any liability connected with the tournament. The event was held at the dark side country club beginning at 11 pm Klutz attended a pre-tournament instructional meeting and was told that his team was to tee off on the second hole. While the team headed for that sport, klutz hurried to his car to get his clubs and golf shoes. As he sprinted down the path to the parking lot he ran into one of a series of black iron posts embedded in the asphalt path at the point where the walkway and parking lot met. Klutz somersaulted several times, ending up on the driveway with banged knees and a badly bruised elbow. He played seven holes of golf, but could not carry on prior to the accident he was a self-employed upholsterer. Following the accident, he was unable to work for three months. After that his production was down 20 percent. His ability to participate in house hold and leisure activities was also reduced

 Apply the principles of tort law to this situation suggest a result. What further information would be useful (4 steps to negligence action)

Here’s the SOLUTION

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