NETW230 Week 7 Course Project

NETW230 Week 7 Course Project

For the Project Power Point and Video presentation, provide an electronic copy of the presentation (PowerPoint, etc.)

Some example topics to be researched include, but are not limited to, the following:

Active directory (including DS and RMS)
IPAM (IP address management)
ReFS (operating system)
SMB (server message block) 3.0 file storage
Network services (IIS) and support for cloud-based strategies and web applications
Dynamic access control

The Power Point and Video presentation should have the following criteria:

The video recording for your oral presentation should between 8 and 12 minutes
All of the team members contribute equally.
The presentation is clear and well organized.
The visuals provided are easy to see and understand.

The level of detail is appropriate.

Here’s the SOLUTION

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