Which table in the database consumes the largest amount of disk space

Use the SQL Server administrative tools. For all questions below, please use the AdventureWorks2012 database.

Part 1: Using SSMS Standard Reports: Using the standard reports in SSMS, please answer the following questions about the AdventureWorks2012 database.

1. Which table in the database consumes the largest amount of disk space? How many KB of data does this table contain?

2. Which table in the database contains the greatest number of records? How many records does it contain?

3. Have there been any recent backups of this database?

4. Provide the Index Name and Table Name for any 3 non-clustered indexes within the database.

5. What % of transaction log space is unused?

Part 2: Scripting Configuration Changes

6. Using the SSMS database properties dialog, generate a script to set “ANSI NULLS Enabled” to “False.” Do not execute the script or save the configuration changes. Paste the contents of the script below.

Part 3: Exporting Data

7. Using the SSMS SQL Server Import and Export Wizard (Tasks -> Export Data), export the contents of the [HumanResources].[Department] table to a flat file with column names in the first row. Paste the first 6 lines of this file below.

Part 4: Generating Traces

8. Create a new trace using the SQL Server Profiler. Use the defaults for event selection. Record at least 50 events and then stop the trace. What is the most frequently seen value of the ApplicationName column in your trace file?

Here’s the SOLUTION

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