Wendy White (I.D. No. 526-30-9001), age 29, is single

Wendy White (I.D. No. 526-30-9001), age 29, is single. She lives at 1402 Pacific Beach Ave., San Diego, CA 92230. Wendy is employed by KXXR television station as the evening news anchor. An examination of her records for 2015 revealed the following information.

a. Wendy earned $150,000 in salary. Her employer withheld $40,000 in Federal income taxes and   the proper amount of FICA taxes.

b. Wendy also received $10,000 in self-employment income from personal appearances during the year. Her unreimbursed expenses related to this income were: transportation and lodging, $523; meals, $120; and office supplies, $58.

c. Wendy reports the following additional deductions: home mortgage interest, $6,250; charitable contributions, $1,300; state and local income taxes, $3,100; and employment-related expenses, $920.

Determine Wendy’s taxable income.  You do not need to determine her income tax or her self-employment tax. You are not required to complete the income tax forms.

Here’s the SOLUTION

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